Adam Frey is an individual who loves food! He also is autistic, and wants to be an example for others with disabilities of the things they can accomplish.
In 2020, Frey started up Adam's Food Blog where he could share his passion with others!
This is the logo we came up with together!
Adam wanted an easy way to share about his new blog, so we decided to make business cards that he could pass out! We went with a simple clean design, and only included the most important information; what he does, and how to reach him!
The website continues the clean design. We continued to incorporate puzzles, since Autism Awareness is a big part of Adam's mission!

This page is not to its full potential yet. Some design changes will be made in the near future, but we are happy with where it is currently!

The blog page will be the heart of the website, but it is a WIP!

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